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An Update: The blog entries are still down, but I'm in the process of converting everything to slideshows. If you want to see a preliminary slideshow of some of the photos from the project, please click here.

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Look for the complete slideshow presentation we've been giving to be in an online slideshow format soon. We'll have descriptions and log entries to go with the photos as well.

Ben G., 12.27.2008

Tern Sails Again! Brooke Brouwer and a crew of colleagues and friends from Colorado College are currently en route from Lopez Island to Desolation Sound, in British Columbia! Insider sources tell us they're just now getting ready to make the run across the Straits of Georgia to Squitty Bay. Below are some pics. If i receive more updates I'll try to post them in a timely fashion.

Update by Ben Gore on August 28, 2008

The Hunter Bay Boat Project has been a collaborative experiment in boat building and expeditionary learning. The purpose of our project was to explore the art and skills of wooden boat building, cooperative living and wilderness travel through the construction of a sailing/rowing vessel and subsequent extended expedition in the waters of Washington State, British Columbia and Alaska.

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Steven Brouwer (right) worked with us as "Master Builder" throughout the construction of our boat. photo by Brian Post

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